December 27, 2009

Transfer: Future Selves

photo: Rachael Short

San Diego band Transfer went through a personnel change, but it doesn't show all that much on their new album Future Selves. Tapping in the UK atmospheric guitar parts and a pinch of West Coast orchestral pop sensibility they paint their songs with broad strokes, most notably in Losing Composure and the paranoia of My Suspicions and the gospel tinged Get Some Rest.

Future Selves can be described as howling at the moon in broad daylight, like Echo and The Bunnymen meeting the Arctic Monkeys on a deserted dirt road.

Jason Cardenas: guitar, vocals
Matthew Molarius: vocals, guitar
Shaun Cornell: bass, keyboards, vocals
Michael Cooper: drums

Transfer: Future Selves

Future Selves is released on Obscure Magpie. Buy it from the band's web shop.

  1. Losing Composure
  2. Take Your Medicine
  3. My Suspicions
  4. Like It Used To Be
  5. Get Some Rest
  6. Wake To sleep
  7. Enojado
  8. Like a Funeral
  9. The Possum
  10. Deerskin


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