December 28, 2009

The Little Death: The Little Death

The Little Death
photo: Jodi Jones

The Little Death are looking forward by looking back. They channel the B52's, Bowie in his Ziggy incarnation, Janis Joplin and even the Andrew Sisters (but with an extended vocabulary). No record company will touch them, who cares that they got a guy called Moby on bass and guitar. Who is buying racous rhtyhm & blues with a vaudeville twist and a punk attitude.

Lead singer Laura Dawn has the husky strong vocals that are required if you want to belt out songs about booze, deceit and loss. And she can soothe too, but always with a hint of a danger lurking beneath the surface. Guitar player Daron Murphy obviously listened to a lot of Cream and early Led Zeppelin, shooting notes from the hip. Moby is Moby, who knows what a bass should do - keep the beat and lay down a groove, locking in with drummer Aaron A. Brooks like they are Siamese twins.

Let's not forger that "litte death" is used for orgasm in French. Turn it up their album and prepare for multiple eargasms. Fucking great music.

The Little Death:
Laura Dawn: lead vocals
Moby: bass, guitar
Daron Murphy: guitar, bass, harmonica
Aaron A. Brooks: drums

The Death Threats - Cherie Martorana, Jamie Rae Branthover and Luci Butler - supply backing vocals.

The Little Death

The Little Death is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Intro
  2. Gather Round
  3. That Bone
  4. Won't Ever Let You Down Again
  5. My Papa Done Told Me
  6. Mean Woman
  7. Why My Baby
  8. I Know You
  9. Love Or A Gun
  10. Hurricane
  11. If Forever's Too Far
  12. Shake and Tremble
  13. Make Me


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