December 02, 2009

Star & Micey: Ardent Sessions Live

Soulful roots rockers Star & Micey are offering a free download of their Ardent Sessions, recorded live at Ardent Studios in Memphis - 2009-10-29.

With a couple of unreleased songs thrown in for good measure, the intimate recording makes the listener feel like a fly-on-the-wall..

Star & Micey: Ardent Sessions Live Tracks:
  1. Gonna Lose My Mind (live)
  2. These Days (live)
  3. Hallelujah (live)
  4. So Much Pain (live)
  5. Jesus And The Devil (live)
  6. Forever And Never (live)
  7. Late At Night (live)
  8. Mercy (live)
  9. On Your Own (live)
  10. My Beginning (live alternate version)
  11. She's On Fire (live)

» Grab the show

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