December 01, 2009

Middle Distance Runner: The Sun & Earth

Middle Distance Runner
photo: Adam Kissick

Power pop is a genre that is deemed uncool by most music geeks. Reeking of commercialism and selling out to the Man, its players and fans are barely tolerated. Middle Distance Runner, a quintet from Washington, D.C., not a particularly cool city - have been soldiering on regardless and yes, they sold out - to Harley Davidson.

Their new album The Sun & Earth is brimming with self-confidence. And since there is not a clunker among the tracks they might land another high profile placement or two. Your in-the-know friends might pigeon-hole it as a surprisingly good indie pop album. Which it is.

Middle Distance Runner:
Stephen Kilroy - vocals, guitar
Erik Dean: drums, percussion
Allan Chappelear: guitar
Jay Smith: guitar, backing vocals
Tony Acampora: bass

Middle Distance Runner: The Sun & Earth

The Sun & Earth is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. The Sun & Earth
  2. The Unbeliever
  3. The Fury
  4. The Wrong Hole
  5. Round Here
  6. Palindrome
  7. Sundays Are Hell
  8. Joyful Noise
  9. Let Nothing In
  10. Brother John
  11. He Take Ride


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