December 08, 2009

John Cale: "Excellent Artist in Residence" in Hobart, Australia

John Cale in Cardiff (c) Gary Fox

The John Cale program for MOFO 2010 in Hobart, Australia. He is the Excellent Artist in Residence:

With some 30 recordings to his name across the genres of drone, noise and classical music, John Cale is globally acknowledged as one of the most influential and prolific forces in recent music history. First coming to attention as a founding member of the experimental rock group The Velvet Underground, Cale's solo career has been no less distinguished.

In a career that spans several decades and effortlessly traverses genre, Cale has produced or collaborated with artists at the highest level: Lou Reed, Nico, John Cage, Nick Drake, Brian Eno and Patti Smith, and now, Cale visits Hobart as MONA FOMA’s Eminent Artist in Residence. Over 14 days, MONA FOMA will explore Cale’s massive contribution to the rock, classical and experimental canon in a programme of masterclasses, intimate solo performance, stripped back and sprawling acoustic improvisations, full-band electric art rock experience.

The residency is underscored with an installation of a new film/music work by Cale, Dyddiau Du/Dark Days (featured in PW1). Other highlights include: masterclass-style rehearsals with Hobart artists toward a public showing of an excerpt from the gorgeous, string-drenched Ballet for Nico; a rare solo piano performance in the intimate Theatre Royal; and a candid Q&A session providing an insight into an inexhaustible creative force.

The residency closes in a soma-sonic overload with a festival-style electric set featuring

Besides the Hobart residency Cale is performing in Sydney:

  • 01/13 Town Hall - showing of Dyddiau Du/Dark Days, Hobart, Australia
  • 01/15 Seymour Centre, Sydney, Australia
  • 01/16 Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia
  • 01/19 Town Hall - showing of footage form the Nico Ballet, Hobart, Australia
  • 01/20 Town Hall (acoustic w/ band), Hobart, Australia
  • 01/21 "In Conversation", Hobart, Australia
  • 01/22 Eight Hands: variations on the theme 'piano'
  • 01/23 Mona Pavilions (electric w/ band), Hobart, Australia

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» John Cale tour dates

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