December 15, 2009

Harper Blynn: Loneliest Generation

Harper Blynn
photo: Amy Sly

Harper Blynn is a New York quartet with a penchant for pop harmonies with a rock edge. It makes sense that they wanted David Kahbe (The Strokes, Paul McCartney) as the producer for their debut Loneliest Generation.

Formerly know as Pete and J. the bands two songwriters Pete Harper and J. Blynn takes turn singing the lead vocals. With original rhythms and keyboards bubbling under songs like Luck Struck Kitty and Centrifugal Motion continue the tradition laid down by bands like the Shirts. Addictive. The ballad All The Noise might be picked up to play during the end titles of a sitcom with a huge audience.

Harper Blynn: Loneliest Generation

Loneliest Generation is a digital release. A physical CD will hit the stores in April 2010 on baby jackal records.

  1. 25 Years
  2. This Is It
  3. Steal Your Love
  4. The Doubt
  5. Loneliest Generation
  6. All Pretenders
  7. Luck Struck Kitty
  8. Centrifugal Motion
  9. All The Noise
  10. It May Be Late

Live date:
  • 12/17 Bowery Ballroom (Digital Album Release Show), New York, NY
    (w/ Madison Square Gardeners & Pretty Dance Moves)


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