December 14, 2009

Draygo's Guilt: Trust Me...

Distortion working? Check. Echo on the vocals? Check. Errhm feedback? Check. Draygo's Guilt is ready to enter your eardrums. The band is fronted by Jon 'Clewsie' Clews who leads the trio through ZZ Top bass lines with the wall-to-wall sound of early Eighties UK doom pop on their album Trust Me....

It's a black after hours record that tells stories about night life (Neon) and getting in trouble (Something Dangerous). To call one minute interlude between songs ... is a bit odd, but it's better than "untitled" or something like that. Despite all the gloom Trust Me... lights up on occassion. The band are having fun too. You can almost picture them grinning in the studio when they decided to cut a cover of House Of The Rising Sun. It's short, lo-fi and sparse (and renamed House).

The lead single Pulse has been making waves in the UK already and with this album Draygo's Guilt will appeal to fans of the Jesus and Mary Chain, New Order and the Libertines.

Draygo's Guilt:
Jon 'Clewsie' Clews: guitar, vocals
Johnny French: drummer
Dom French: bass

Draygo's Guilt: Trust Me...

Trust Me... is a self-released album. Download it for free from the band's website. A physical release is planned for early 2010.

  1. Pulse
  2. Something Dangerous
  3. Blacklist
  4. Gordon
  5. ...
  6. House
  7. Maybe
  8. Neon
  9. Footsteps


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