December 18, 2009

Coming soon in Utrecht: Local Natives, Brett Anderson, UnsraW

What's on at the Tivoli in Utrecht, The Netherlands? Four acclaimed Dutch bands, a West Coast sensation, loud guys from Japan, English pop, Scottisch folk rock...

  • 12/23 Moke
    Hollands most fashionable Britpop band.
  • 12/24 C-Mon & Kypski
    Dutch avant dance with a rock twist.
  • 01/10 Epica
    Gothic with the required female vocalist.
  • 01/23 Local Natives
    USA West Coast band to watch.
  • 01/24 Brett Anderson #
    Fromer Sude frontman solo
  • 02/04 UnsraW
    Metal made in Japan
  • 02/10 Fink
    UK lef/feild singer-songwriter
  • 03/19 Bettie Serveert #
    groundbreaking indie guitar band still going strong.
  • 04/26 The Proclaimers #
    Scotland's finest folk rock band

# Tivoli De Helling


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