December 30, 2009

Bad Lieutenant: Never Cry Another Tear

A band solely consisting of guys playing guitar? UK band Bad Lieutenant proofs that it can be done, provided you get a bunch of other people to take care of the rest of the instruments.

Never Cry Another Tear, their debut album, sounds familiar, mainly because Bernard Sumner takes care of most of the lead vocals. The New Order front man enlisted his fellow band member Phil Cunningham, who brought along Jake Evans, a guitar player with proper credentials who had to be convinced, with questionable results, to step up to the microphone to sing too.

Hardly essential Never Cry Another Tear is an album that will find its way to the cut out bin in the near future. When picked up on the cheap, it ain't half bad - danceable poppy Northern England fare that is filling but low on musical vitamins.

Bad Lieutenant: Never Cry Another Tear

Never Cry Another Tear is released on Original Signal Recordings.

  1. Sink Or Swim
  2. Twist Of Fate
  3. Summer Days
  4. This Is Home
  5. Running Out Of Luck
  6. Dynamo
  7. Poisonous Intent
  8. These Changes
  9. Walk On Silver Water
  10. Shine Like The Sun
  11. Runaway
  12. Head Into Tomorrow
  13. Falling Tree
  14. Split The Atom

Bad Lieutenant:
Bernard Sumner: guitar, vocals
Phil Cunningham: guitar
Jake Evans: guitar, vocals

They employ Stephen Morris (drums) and Tom Chapman (bass) for their live shows.


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