November 05, 2009

The Old Romantic Killer Band: Island of Wolves

Want to add another drums and guitar duo playing fast paced rock to your collection? The Old Romantic Killer Band, a London based band, fits right in. They have a full length album called The Swan With Two Necks, released a single (You Dont Know How To Love) and the latest addition to their rapidly growing discography is a four track EP called Island of Wolves.

Greg on drums and Harry on vocals & guitar hurl themselves at their audience, but guess what - they can slow down and do so in the final track Tired Eyes. Rest assured the other three songs are noisy assaults with a melodic twist. Recommended if you like the Black Keys.

  1. Riders
  2. Whiskyknife
  3. The Devil In Me
  4. Tired Eyes
Live dates:
  • 11/07 53 Degrees, Preston
  • 11/24 Mojo Bar (w/ Last Gang), Liverpool
  • 12/12 The Monarch, London


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