November 26, 2009

Neil Young: Dreamin' Man

photo: Steve Babineau

Nobody tells Neil Young what to do. So if he decides to release an acoustic live album culled from 1992 performances with to the songs tracks that ended up on his Harvest Moon, there is no point in contradicting him. Dreamin' Man sounds great, The songs have an urgency topped with sweetness that he couldn't summon up when he re-recorded the material in the studio. Such a Woman actually goes over the top and Neil seems to realize that, cutting to Old King, a tribute to a dog "who wasn't afraid to chase after deer".

There was one live track on the original Harvest Moon: Natural Beauty . On Dreamin' Man it is slightly longer and more passionate. Makes you wonder why he didn't pick that one then.

Neil Young: Dreamin' Man

Dreamin' Man is released on Reprise. Release date: December 8.

  1. Dreamin' Man
  2. Such A Woman
  3. Old King Rap
  4. Old King
  5. One Of These Days
  6. Harvest Moon
  7. You and Me
  8. From Hank To Hendrix
  9. Unknown Legend
  10. Natural Beauty
  11. War of Man

Listen to a stream of Dreamin' Man.


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