November 29, 2009

Kris Kelly: My Visitors

Kris Kelly, a singer-songwriter and composer based in Brooklyn, aims high. He studied opera performance and music composition and tries to mix classical instruments with traditional folk and pop. My Visitors is his debut full length and it is an album that shows a composer with a good ear for melody. His lyrics need to grow up some more - most of them have forced "poetic" imagery that needs some editing. Maybe it is the Federico Garcia Lorca influence he can't get away from. He has set his poem Vuelta de Paseo to music and his own efforts pale in its gigantic shadow.

My Visitors contains well composed music, with tasteful parts for flute and strings. Recommended if you like Fairport Convention and Nick Drake.

Kris Kelly:
Kristopher Kelly: vocals, acoustic guitar
Dimitri Moderbacher: electric bass
Sean Hagerty: violin
Domenica Fossati: flute
Valerie Kuehne: cello
Greg Hitt: cajon, hand percussion

Kris Kelly: My Visitors

My Visitors is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Coyote
  2. My Visitor
  3. A Curious Way
  4. Sidewalk Chalk
  5. Vuelta De Paseo
  6. Antenna
  7. According To
  8. Dream


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