November 02, 2009

John Cale: Dyddiau Du/Dark Days goes to Hobart, Tasmania

stills form darker days

The multimedia piece Dyddiau Du/Dark Days that John Cale created for the Venice Biennale will be shown in Hobart, Tasmania at the MONA FOMA. It runs from January 4 to 31, 2010.

In a remarkable coup for Tasmania, John Cale's Venice installation will head straight to Hobart after the biennale ends this month.

The masterminds behind this neat little transaction are, unsurprisingly, art collector and private museum builder nonpareil, David Walsh, and the man he appointed curator of Hobart's MONA FOMA festival, Brian Ritchie, best known as the bassist with the legendary post-punk band the Violent Femmes.

(...) Ritchie first met Cale 31 years ago, as a young and enthusiastic music writer.

''I interviewed him, probably for some hippie newspaper in Milwaukee. I was a kid, I was 18 years old. He was doing a gig, and he had members of this great band called the Contortions playing in his own band, it represented a meeting of late '60s New York underground and '70s New York underground. It was a beautiful show. He is always doing different things. So I interviewed him and then it turned into festivities and we hung out. He was very kind. He didn't have to do that,'' Ritchie says. ''And the last time I saw him was the last time I supported him in Milwaukee, three or four years ago.''

When Ritchie called Cale to invite him to Hobart, asking him to be MONA FOMA's ''eminent artist in residence'', the Welsh musician was astonished to learn where Ritchie had ended up. ''I had no idea that he had moved down there,'' Cale says, speaking by phone from Los Angeles. ''I've been to Australia a bunch of times, but I've never been to Hobart. I would never have thought that would be where the (Biennale) piece would go first (after Venice).''

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