November 17, 2009

EOTO: Fire The Lazers!!!

For some reason tons of electronic music takes its inspiration form science fiction. Blame Star trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and Douglas Adams. EOTO the electronic progressive duo formed by Michael Travis and Jason Hann that rose from the ashes of the String Cheese Incident have made a concept album of sorts called Fire The Lazers!!! filled with space opera soundscapes based on loops and beats that are trippy and percussive. This is not the kind of music that would be recommended on a first date, unless some stimulants were used.

For an album with such an aggressive title the tracks are mellow - the kind of after party stuff that music geeks claim to love. For less advanced listeners it is wise to sample this collection with care, let's say no more than three tracks at the time. Best experienced live with a light show that may be hazardous for people who are suffer from epileptic seizures.

Fire The Lazers!! is released on SCI Fidelity.

  1. Flying Red
  2. Time Saw
  3. Are We Dead?
  4. Contact
  5. Comrade Down
  6. Make My Day!
  7. Spare Parts
  8. Autopsy
  9. Circuit Bent
  10. Valeria Victrix
  11. Externity (Reprise)
Live dates:
  • 10/14 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place
  • 10/15 Syracuse, NY The Westcott Theater
  • 10/16 Burlington, VT Club Metronome
  • 10/17 Allston, MA Harper's Ferry
  • 10/18 Portland, ME Port City Music Hall
  • 10/19 Providence, RI The Hi Hat
  • 10/20 Hartford, CT The Warehouse
  • 10/21 Albany, NY Red Square
  • 10/22 New York, NY Sullivan Hall
  • 10/23 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live
  • 10/24 Baltimore, MD 8x10
  • 10/25 Richmond, VA Canal Club
  • 10/26 Blacksburg, VA Attitudes
  • 10/27 Lexington, KY Cosmic Charlie's
  • 10/28 St. Louis, MO Old Rock House
  • 10/29 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre
  • 10/30 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
  • 10/31 Lawrence, KS The Granada


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