October 06, 2009

T.H. White: Company Book

T.H. White

New York musician and producer T.H. White is a loner who plays nearly all instruments on his albums. A bit of geek - he was an early adapter of ProTools long before it became a de facto industry standard. He made good money writing and producing music for ads, but he is also musician who wanted to break out of the commercial shackles. He did so in 2004 and became an artist in his own right.

Company Book is his third album and the ghosts of his visits to CBGB's as a teenager shimmer through the dance tracks. He writes garage techno, keeping it diry as far as that's an option when you messing around with software. He took guitar and drum lessons and he hasn't forgotten what he was taguht back then - go for the groove and keep it interesting.

The result is an album that you can actually listen too at home, and that's a thing dance musicians tend to overlook when they put out an album to cash in on their name in the club scene.

Company Book is released on his own label Sky Council Recordings.

T.H. White: Company Book Tracks:
  1. Fantasy Pictures
  2. The Darkest Horse
  3. Earth Is On Fire
  4. Rekognize Real
  5. Silver Gold
  6. Whitesky Lights
  7. Indigo Evening
  8. Five Hands On

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