October 19, 2009

Rob Blackledge: Inside These Walls

Rob Blackledge
photo: Caleb Kuhl

Rob Blackledge was pretty good at baseball, but after some serious thought made the decision to go for the less profitable career of musician. He attended Nashville's Belmont University, won a a school talent competition and hit the road with a guitar and a keyboard, gigging endlessly.

His debut album Inside These Walls follows the blueprint of artists like Billy Joel and Ben Folds - songs centered around his piano chops, with a few strains of hillbilly country (Sweet Sweet Lady), bu the more interesting songs like Granola Girl are more percussive or have the added attraction of a brass section (Early Morning Riser).

Rob Blackledge: Inside These Walls

Inside These Walls is released thru One Revolution Entertainment.

  1. Should Have Known Better
  2. Everything
  3. Early Morning Riser
  4. Sweet Sweet Lady
  5. Worth Taking
  6. Granola Girl
  7. Your City, My City
  8. One Step Away
  9. The Hard Way
  10. Our World

» robblackledge.com
» myspace.com/robblackledge

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