October 26, 2009

Ernie Hendrickson: Walking With Angels

Ernie Hendrickson
photo: Jim Herrington

Chicago folk singer Ernie Hendrickson came into scene with a strong debut album called Down The Road. The follow-up Walking With Angels builds upon this, sometimes gravitating towards country-rock - Only The Good Die Young could have well have been a Keith Richards solo song. The basic tracks were recorded quickly by Hendrickson and producer/guitar player producer, with Steve Hayes on drums and Jon Penner on bass. With their homework done, it was easy to add the layers of pedal steel and keyboards.

Hendrikson has found his voice on this one, reaching for the higher registers with ease, no matter if it is a slow (Where The Sidewalk Ends) or a fast song Let Me See You Smile. If he keeps progressing like he is now, with this release already being a landmark album, Hendrickson will be on Americana A-list in no time.

Ernie Hendrickson: guitars, vocals
Bob Black: banjo
Steve Hayes: drums, percussion
Kevin McKendree: piano, B3, Wurlitzer
Jon Penner: bass
Bo Ramsey: guitars, vocals
Brian Wilkie: pedal steel, guitar, vocals

Ernie Hendrickson: Walking With Angels

Walking With Angels is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Holding On To Hope
  2. Easy Lovin'
  3. Only The Good Die Young
  4. I'll Remember You
  5. Not Much Time
  6. Let Me See You Smile
  7. Country Fall
  8. Candy's Song
  9. Young Man
  10. Heavy Times
  11. Walking With Angels
  12. Where The Sidewalk Ends
Live dates:
  • 10/29 R.I.B.C.O., Rock Island, IL
  • 10/30 Martyrs, Chicago, IL
  • 10/31 Old "New American Theater", Rockford, IL

» erniehendrickson.com
» myspace.com/erniehendrickson

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