September 18, 2009

Malcolm Holcombe: For The Mission Baby

Malcolm Holcombe
photo: Bill Emory

Malcolm Holcombe has one of the roughest voices in music. You can almost smell the nicotine coming out of speakers. For The Mission Baby is the follow-up of his 2007 album Gamblin' House and this time around the upright bass is more prominent in the mix, making his toe-tapping songs like Leonard's Pigpen and title track For The Misssion Baby more powerful.

Holcombe digs deep, coming up with impressive slow songs like Another One Gone and Straight and Tall. For The Mission Baby is an album that urges the listener to take notice of his loved ones.

Malcolm Holcombe: For The Mission Baby

For The Mission Baby is released on Echo Mountain Records. It will be released in the U.S. on September 29, and in the UK/Europe on October 5.

  1. Big Time Blues
  2. Hannah's Tradin' Post
  3. Leonard's Pigpen
  4. You Have It All
  5. Short Street Blues
  6. A Bigger Plan
  7. For The Misssion Baby
  8. Another One Gone
  9. Doncha Miss That Water
  10. Straight and Tall
  11. Whenever I Pray
  12. Someone Left Behind


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