September 16, 2009

Erin McKeown: Hundreds of Lions

Erin McKeown
photo: Michael Weintrob

Erin McKeown (Fredericksburg, VA ) is a singer-songwriter/activist (lobbying for a better energy policy) whose songs are part Suzanne Vega and part Judy Garland. Her new album Hundreds of Lions lacks musical teeth, but her lyrics can hurt and scratch sometimes. She recorded it in a church studio, mainly using acoustic instruments adding some digital beeps and clicks to make it more interesting - but the album had fared better if she had erased all of that.

Santa Cruz is a nice tune to come out the speakers of your car radio, The Foxes has rather good piano-strings interaction and the use of cellos for (Put the Fun Back in the) Funeral was a wise move. Otherwise the album is for hardcore fans who can't get enough of jazzy pop tunes that go nowhere special.

Erin McKeown: Hundreds of Lions

Hundreds of Lions is released on Righteous Babe Records. Release date: October 13th.

  1. To A Hammer
  2. Santa Cruz
  3. You, Sailor
  4. The Foxes
  5. (Put the Fun Back in the) Funeral
  6. The Lions
  7. All That Time You Missed
  8. The Boats
  9. The Rascal
  10. 28
  11. Seamless


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