August 23, 2009

Matisyahu: Light

It's been a few years since hassidic reggae singer Matisyahu released a new studio album. Light has three tracks that were already released on his 2008 EP Shattered. He has expanded his style and tackles dance-hall, pop and even a bit of soul.

Matisyahu is an avid reader of Jewish religious literature, and the fairy tale by Reb Nachman about the two children who are visited by seven different beggars served as the main inspiration for his lyrics - peace and freedom. Backed by choice musicians (including Sly and Robbie, and Fishbone) he sings with even more power than on his previous studio output.


Light is released on Epic Records. Release date: August 25th.

  1. Smash Lies
  2. We Will Walk
  3. One Day
  4. Escape
  5. So Hi So Lo
  6. I Will Be Light
  7. For You
  8. On Nature
  9. Motivate
  10. Darkness Into Light
  11. Thunder
  12. Silence


HCTF review of Shattered.

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