August 31, 2009

Coming soon in Utrecht: Shearwater, Peter Doherty, Moke ...

Amsterdam band Moke

What's on at the Tivoli in Utrecht, The Netherlands? Mostly top of the bill Dutch acts, and Peter Doherty. If he shows up.

  • 09/16 Shearwater
    Experimental indie USA
  • 09/25 Cuby + Blizzards
    Dutch blues legends
  • 09/26 Delain *
    Dutch Gothic rock with the obligatory female vocalist
  • 10/01 Pere Ubu *
    Vintage garage avant garde
  • 10/23 Johan
    Dutch melodic pop. Farewell tour
  • 11/20 De Staat
    One man, five years of hard work, a band, success
  • 11/22 Peter Doherty
    A junkie and a genius. Or vice versa
  • 12/23 Moke
    Best dressed Dutch rock band. With a frontman from Northern Ireland.

Video: Moke - Last Chance

* Tivoli De Helling


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