July 09, 2009

Zechs Marquise: Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare

Zechs Marquise:
Zechs Marquise smiling in Amsterdam, march 2009

Zechs Marquise took the "look how creepy we are" image a bit too far when they picked the cover art for Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare album. Led by Mar Volta member Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez this prog-rock band from El Paso, TX, opted for a dark image to draw the attention of unhappy kids who can't stand their life, their parents and most of all the other kids in school.

With compositions named Strapped to the Mast and The High Anxiety Arkestra the punter in the record store looking for left field improvised instrumental stuff will most likely decide to buy something else. Which is a shame, because it is a actually quite good. Black Art Dub might even become a minor club hit, Sirenum Scopuli comes with a Seventies guitar with Procol Harum organ sounds and Attack of the 40 ft Wave will appeal to Trekkies and other sci-fi freaks. Pick this up if you like King Crimson and the early Pink Floyd sans Syd Barrett albums.

Zechs Marquise:
Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, Matthew Wilkson, Marcos Smith

Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare is released on Rodriguez Lopez Productions. The European version is available on RLP/Willie Anderson Recordings. USA release date: August 25th.

Zechs Marquise: Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare Tracks:
  1. In Strange Love
  2. MagMar
  3. Mistress Abyss
  4. The High Anxiety Arkestra
  5. Chase Scene
  6. Rotten Candy
  7. Attack of the 40 ft Wave
  8. Pigeon Shit
  9. Lady Endless
  10. Strapped to the Mast
  11. Sirenum Scopuli
  12. The Sounds of El Morro
  13. Wahaka Chop
  14. Black Ark Dub
  15. Our Delicate Midnight Opera
Live dates:
  • 07/17 Meridian - Houston, TX #
  • 07/18 House of Blues - New Orleans, LA #
  • 07/20 Club Firestone - Orlando, FL #
  • 07/22 Culture Room - Ft Lauderdale, FL #
  • 07/23 Firebird - Jacksonville, FL
  • 07/24 Jannus Landing - St Petersburgh, FL #
  • 07/25 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA #
  • 07/26 Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC #
  • 07/28 Recher Theatre - Towson, MD #
  • 07/29 Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA #
  • 07/31 Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY #

w/ RX Bandits

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