July 13, 2009

The Lost Fingers: Lost In The 80's

Canadian jazz swing trio The Lost Fingers from Quebec are into reconstructing middle-of-road Eighties floor fillers. It works at times, it sucks at times and listening to a full album of that stuff in one session is a bad idea. Lost In The 80's contains the good (Billie Jean, Tainted Love, Black Velvet), the bad (Touch Me), and the ugly (Incognito and - wait for it - Careless Whisper). They have tried some AC/DC as well, but You Shook Me All Night Long) is more likely to send you back to sleep.

Byron Mikaloff, Alex Morissette and Christian Roberge can obviously play, but it would be a nice idea for them to get off the novelty act wagon and play their own stuff - or at least some less obvious stuff from a decade that is best described at the Dark Ages of popular music. They named themselves after Django Reinhardt for fuck's sake, so they should know how it can be done.

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