July 04, 2009

The Chasms: Advance Paranoia, Advance

The Chasms: Fender Bass VI Baritone guitar and some pedals
Fender Bass VI Baritone guitar and some pedals

UK band The Chasms locked themselves in a barn to record Advance Paranoia, Advance, an experimental post-rock album celebrating dark toned drones. Hints of The Gift (Velvets) mixed with Sonic Youth.

Mostly instrumental with snippets of spoken word this music is the antidote for a glorious summer day. The warm sounds of the baritone guitar are more stifling than soothing, while the Westobe I Thunder bass goes straight for your guts. The drums couldn't be more basic - just a floor and a snare.

The Chasms:
Richard Quirk: baritone guitar
Mike Seed: drums, vocals
Simon Pott: bass guitar

The Chasms: Advance Paranoia, Advance

Advance Paranoia, Advance is offered as a free download. Limited supply of physical CDs:

We also have some limited CD copies of 'Advance Paranoia, Advance' for sale for the unbeatable price of just 1p, that's inexpensive, not cheap. There is also no extra postage.
  1. I Couldn't Walk
  2. I'm Here To See The Clouds of Blood
  3. Cosmos Collapsing
  4. Knoxville Blackout
  5. Come In Sunray Major
  6. Raymonds Index of Spirits
  7. Advance Paranoia, Advance

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