July 10, 2009

Felix Da Housecat: He Was King

Felix Da Housecat is a big name in the dance world. His new album He Was King was supposedly inspired by Elvis and his all time hero Prince, but there isn't much rock 'n'roll on it. It's al about the back beat being pushed inside the listeners skull, blanketed with female whispering. It might work when played loud before a pill popping audience lost in strobe lightning. Don't play it home - you might get bored beyond belief. "We All Wanna Prince," he says. In your dreams, Felix.

He Was King is released August 25th.

  1. We All Wanna Be Prince
  2. Plastik Fantastik
  3. Kickdrum
  4. Do We Move Your World
  5. We
  6. Spank U Very Much
  7. Do Not Try This At Home
  8. Turn Me On A Summer Smile
  9. Elvi$
  10. LA Ravers
  11. Machine
  12. He Was King

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