June 26, 2009

UH OHs: "I Can't Wait" b/w "I Am Underdog"

photo: Andy Slade

The UH OHs are an alt.powerpop trio from Norwich, England. Singer Naomi can scream like she means it and their new double A-side single I Can't Wait / I Am Underdog was made to be played really, really loud. The UH OHs' jumpy stop-start music is addictive enough to be illegal.

Naomi: bass, vocals
Paul: guitar, vocals
Lee: drums, vocals

I Can't Wait / I Am Underdog is released through Little Power Records. Release date: June 29th.

UK live dates:
  • 07/08 Hot City Sounds @ Arts Centre, Norwich
  • 07/24 Science and Magick @ The Voodoo Lounge, Stamford
  • 07/29 The Tilting Sky @ The Waterfront, Norwich
  • 08/06 Club NME @ Remix, Hitchin
  • 10/07 Catapult @ Start the Bus, Bristol

» myspace.com/uhohs1

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