June 25, 2009

Secret Pop Band: Pardon the Solar Interruption

Washington DC trio Secret Pop Band are into brisk riffs. With little over half an hour worth of post-punk tunes Pardon the Solar Interruption has a very late eighties sound - a mix of The Pixies and REM. They name the Apples in Stereo as an influence, but they are bit looser than the composed math rock of that band. Definitely a band with college music geeks appeal they sing about perennial themes as the smell of Week Old Beer and breaking up with your girlfriend (Sunday's Hard Rock Fall).

J. Forté's nasal vocals are an acquired taste - think Weezer with a cold, but the Secret Pop Band can carve a niche for themselves. It won't be a big place, but it will be found by those who have a penchant for lo-fi geeks making on-a-shoestring budget albums.

Secret Pop Band:
J. Forté: vocals, guitars
Greg Gendron: drums
Ody Leonard: bass

Secret Pop Band: Pardon the Solar Interruption

Pardon the Solar Interruption is a self-released album. Buy it thru the band's website.

  1. Soft Rock, Pillow Talk
  2. Your New England Winter
  3. Solar Interruption
  4. Knobs and Switches
  5. Week Old Beer
  6. Saccharine Smile
  7. Sunday's Hard Rock Falls
  8. Listening to the Tiger
  9. First Time Radio
  10. Rachel Harmony

MP3: Secret Pop Band - Soft Rock, Pillow Talk
MP3: Secret Pop Band - Week Old Beer

Live dates:
  • 06/28 Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC
  • 07/19 Galaxy Hut (w/ The Worries), Washington, DC

» secretpopmusic.com
» myspace.com/secretpopband

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