June 02, 2009

Reed KD: In Case The Comet Comes

Singer-songwriter Reed KD has an address in Santa Cruz, CA, but changes are that he is driving around in a mini van to play and record a fresh of batch of songs, because that is what he did in 2007 and 2008. His new album In Case The Comet Comes is a musical travelogue about Winding Roads, Hippie Chicks and Space Vacuums.

The fast rumbling drums are up front on most tracks, which might lead to speeding tickets when you pop it in your car audio player. It is an "on-the-road" album that goes places. Simon and Garfunkel get a reverent musical nod in Winding Roads and Sleepless Night In Bed features the tinkling tones of water glasses. Reed KD plays a wide variety of instruments, including drobo, mandolin, banjo and piano, whil e an assorted of guest musicians provide bass trombone, drums bass and fiddle.

His 2008 The Ashes Bloom album was a nice effort - with In Case The Comet Comes he breaks out the "promising artist" mold.

Reed KD: In Case The Comet Comes

In Case The Comet Comes is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Release date: June 9th.

  1. This Is It
  2. If The Tide Swings
  3. Winding Roads
  4. Lake Missouri
  5. In The Grass
  6. Hippie Chicks
  7. Cactus Garden
  8. Keep My Bags Packed
  9. Space Vacuums
  10. Sleepless Nights In Bed
  11. Splinters In The Evening

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» myspace.com/reedkd

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