June 05, 2009

Live Jambands in Holland #105: The Black Crowes Amsterdam 2009-05-13 (part#01)

The Black Crowes
photo: courtesy of Wolf Trap

Episode 105 in the podcasts section Live Jambands in Holland. Part #01 of The Black Crowes 2009 show in Amsterdam:

Live Jambands in Holland #105:
The Black Crowes
Heineken Music Hall
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009-05-13 (part#01) (click to download)
Running time: 63:40 -- 128 kbit
Taper : wisertime206
SP-CMC-8 > SP Battery Module > R-09 (48 khz/16bit)
SD card > PC > Goldwave (44.1khz conversion + splitting tracks) > TLH Level 8
Note: faded out some crowd noise with Audacity.

  1. Wiser Time
  2. Black Moon Creeping
  3. Jealous Again
  4. Oh Josephine
  5. Could I've Been So Blind
  6. I Ain't Hidin'
  7. Poor Elijah - Tribute To Johnson

Notes: there were some French guys near the taper who had trouble shutting the fuck up. The show was taped on Luther Dickinson's side so he's very high in the mix.

More about The Black Crowes:
» blackcrowes.com

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