May 29, 2009

Vincent Minor: Born in the Wrong Era

Vincent Minor
photo: Jennifer Nies

Grief can create beauty. LA musician Vincent Minor dedicates his debut EP Born in the Wrong Era to a cousin who died of a heroin overdose. The 5-song cycle tells stories about the glorious facade of the Hollywood entertainment industry, hiding the troubles that lurk in the shadows. With the piano as the main instrument the album sounds a lost gem from the thirties, with snippets from later eras sprinkled on top - the opening notes intro of Friday the Thirteenth sounds quite a bit like the trumpets of New York New York.

His lyrics sounds easy, but are actually really smart. There are not that many songs that use prases like "He’s indoctrinated with a pregnant point of view/He’s constipated on a treadmill/On the late night, late night show" (Late Night Show) or "Jump to my bed towards a marshmallow cloud/But land on the floor with a nail through my mouth" (Friday the Thirteenth).

It would be ironic is one these songs should turn up on a movie soundtrack, but an independent director who isn't entirely tone-deaf should consider giving Vincent Minor a call.

Vincent Minor: Born in the Wrong Era

Born in the Wrong Era is released on Social Science Recordings. Digital versions can be found at the usual outlets. Physical CD: limited run of 500 copies in digipak with color poster insert.

  1. Fanfare
  2. Late Night Show
  3. A Plane Grave
  4. Friday the Thirteenth
  5. Born in the Wrong Era

Live date:
  • 06/06 EP Release Party (Downtown L.A. Loft), Los Angeles, CA (rsvp for directions)


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