May 15, 2009

Stratovarius: Polaris

photo: Ville Akseli Juurikkala

Finnish metal band Stratovarius has been to legal hell and back. Their former label folded while they were on tour and took three years to sort out the mess. After a settlement was reached they entered a studio in September last year to begin working on a new album. The result - Polaris - sounds triumphant with singer Timo Kolipelto channeling Ronnie James Dio while the band is playing up a storm of layered guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

Strotovarius are veterans on the metal circuit - their first album was released 20 years ago. They never got past the '80s keyboard sound they grew up with, and that sounds a bit dated now.

Jans Johansson: keyboards
Timo Kotipelto: vocals
Matius Kupianinen: guitar
Jorg Michael: drums
Lauri Porra: bass

Their European tour kicks off tonight in the UK in Wolverhampton. Headbanging required.

Stratovarius: Polaris

Polaris is released on earMusic. UK release date: May 18th.

  1. Deep Unknown
  2. Falling Star
  3. King Of Nothing
  4. Blind
  5. Winter Skies
  6. Forever Is Today
  7. Higher We Go
  8. Somehow Precious
  9. Emancipation Suite: I Dusk
  10. Emancipation Suite: II Dawn
  11. When Mountains Fall


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