May 19, 2009

Pet Lions: Soft Right

Pet Lions
photo: Eric Rejman

Pet Lions are a young quartet from Chicago who are peddling their debut EP Soft Right. They sound a bit like Weezer without the bite. Soft Right is a pretty basic indie guitar rock, with a rather cheesy keyboard bubbling under the clean cut vocals of Karl Østby in most of the tracks- innocent good time music with reflective lyrics. The Lions still need to find their own voice. Growling a bit while recording would help.

Pet Lions:
Karl Østby: guitar, vocals
Shuhei Yamamoto: bass, vocals
Tom Owens: guitar, synth
Matt Dahl: drums

Pet Lions: Soft Right

Soft Right is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website or iTunes.

  1. Roman History
  2. Propeller Plane
  3. Stuck at the Bottom
  4. I Will Track You Dwon
  5. Girls of Athens
Live date:
  • 07/02 Summerfest (w/ Shiny Toy Guns, Audrye Sessions), Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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