May 13, 2009

Jorma Kaukonen: interview in Modern Guitars Magazine

Modern Guitars Magazine has an interview with Jorma Kaukonen who has been playing for fifty years. He has collected a wide range of guitars:

Well, because I've been around for so long I'm one of these guys that go, “If I only had that '57 Les Paul custom, 3 pickup, black, so I could sell it today.”
You know, I've owned a lot of stuff because I've been around for a long time. But, I've never loved electric guitars the way I loved acoustic guitars.They've disappeared, they’ve been stolen, I've bought them, I've sold them, this and that. The electric guitars I'm playing here tonight with Hot Tuna, I'm playing this Chet Atkins guitar that Gibson makes which works with the finger-picking stuff with the bands. They amplify well. And I'm using a 335 style Epiphone. It’s a discontinued Jorma model. And I love those. I've been playing that guitar for 10 years now and will for as long as they hold together, because they don’t make that model anymore. That’s fine. But, acoustic guitar is another story. I still have my '59 Gibson J-50 that I paid $100 for new at Pop's Music Store in Dayton, Ohio in '59.


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