April 06, 2009

Voice Of Addiction: Re-evolution

Voice Of Addiction: Re-evolution

Chicago trio Voice Of Addiction is a band that gives a fuck. Their EP Re-evolution is about unhip subjects like Broken Homes and Broken Bones and the CIA (The Walls).

If you want people to listen to politically charged lyrics, you better use a rhythm that makes they want to dance pumping their fists in the air. Enter The Clash inspired punk ska and you are half way there. Too bad that singer is Ian Tomele no match for the lamented Joe Strummer. Kudos for trying so hard, though.

Voice Of Addiction:
Ian Tomele: vox, bass Guitar Jeff Walschon: guitar, backing vocals Andy Petty: drums, backing vocals

Re-evolution is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Broken Homes And Broken Bones
  2. Got Your Number
  3. The Walls
  4. Right! Now!
  5. Grease The Wheel
  6. Martyr

» voiceofaddiction.com

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