April 27, 2009

New Madrid Faults: Concerning Small Town Abberations

New Madrid Faults: Concerning Small Town Abberations

John Kimock, Matt Molchany and Matt Juknevic are New Madrid Faults, a post-rock trio from Pennsylvania that rages and soothes on their debut album Concerning Small Town Abberations. Kicking off withCities where keyboards are struggling to be heard over the soft murmur of distant voices they plunge straight into the industrial pop of Little Bullets. Casual listeners will have given up by now, which is a shame because the remaining four tracks of this mini album have a lot to offer. Hopeless is song that The Secret Machines could have come up with and To The West Goodbye is driven by vocal harmonies embedded in synth wizardry.

And yes, John is the son of Steve Kimock.

Concerning Small Town Abberations is released on Robeadope Digital.

  1. Q&A
  2. Hopeless
  3. Cities
  4. Mother's Song
  5. Little Bullets
  6. To The West Goodbye

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