April 21, 2009

Neil Young: Fork In The Road

Neil Young likes to travel by car. Since gasoline will be rare commodity in the not too distant future he had his 1959 Lincoln converted to run on alternate sources. Driving around the States and being on the road in Europe inspired him to come up with 10 new songs that make up Fork In The Road, a concept album of sorts about cars, ecology and the need for change.

It is the soundtrack for a road movie, but not a really good one, more like the straight-to-DVD potboiler kind. The guitar playing could have been more passionate, although there is nothing wrong with the slide of old cohort Ben Keith. His wife Pegi in on backing vocals, but she is buried in the mix which is good thing too. It's Neil alright with all his rambling garage blues tricks. It's another "it's all one song" album, and he does what he likes to do. Hop in or get off and wait for the next album to arrive. It won't be a long wait. And if you buy it, Neil thanks you personally in the liner notes: "My sales have tanked, but I still got you; thanks."

Fork in the Road is released on Reprise Records. The CD/DVD version has three music videos and a live version of A Day In The Life, which he performs regularly as an encore on his current tour.


  1. When Worlds Collide
  2. Fuel Line
  3. Just Singing A Song
  4. Johnny Magic
  5. Cough Up The Bucks
  6. Behind The Wheel
  7. Off The Road
  8. Hit The Road
  9. Light A Candle
  10. Fork In The Road
  1. Fork In The Road
  2. Just Singing A Song (DVD)
  3. Light A Candle (DVD)
  4. A Day In The Life (live concert video)

You can follow Neil and his Lincoln at lincvolt.com.

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