April 03, 2009

Melissa McClelland: Victoria Day

Melissa McClelland
photo: Ivan Otis

Melissa McClelland is a Canadian singer-songwriter who covers a lot of musical territory, from the bluesy rock of Glen Rio and Money Shot to the jazzy vaudeville of God Loves Me. Her third album Victoria Day will appeal to Tom Waits and Bonnie Raitt fans

The album contains two different takes of the title track. The Motown horns augmented version for rain in April, and the swagger for May. Melissa McClelland sings with ease and has the stage presence to shut up the guys discussing sports in the back of the hall. And yes, that's Ron Sexmith singing harmony on Seasoned Lovers.

Melissa McClelland: Victoria Day

Victoria Day is released on Six Shooter Records. Release date: April 14th (Canada), June 2nd (USA).

  1. A Girl Can Dream
  2. Glen Rio
  3. Segovia
  4. God Loves Me
  5. Victoria Day (April Showers)
  6. Victoria Day (May Flowers)
  7. I Blame You
  8. Cry On My Shoulder
  9. When The Lights Went off in Hogtown
  10. Seasoned Lovers
  11. Brake
  12. Money Shot

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