March 31, 2009

RedTrack: Dutch mini tour, interview

UK post-punk trio RedTrack are set for a short mini tour of The Netherlands. Short, catchy songs delivered with a vengeance. They have Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) on their forthcoming double A-sided single Pole Dancer/Addicted to Lust.

Dutch tour dates:
  • 04/08 Panama, Amsterdam (8 Euros)
  • 04/09 Paard Cafe, Paard, Den Haag (9 Euros)
  • 04/10 Exit, Rotterdam (5 Euros)

The HCTF RedTrack questionnaire
RedTrack kindly answered some questions via email.

You describe your sound as "the estranged love-child of Cheryl Cole and Joe Strummer". Can you explain? The late Joe Strummer is about the epitome of punk cool and Cheryl Cole was in Girls Aloud, the prefabricated Popstars: The Rivals (UK talent show) band. Is that how you get the poppy punk (or punky pop)?
"When people think of pop/punk, they tend to think of the saturated American band scene and bands like Sum 41 and New Found Glory.
We said that we sound like The Clash and Girls Aloud, because we have the British punk live attitude and rawness of bands from the late 70's, but we've taken influence and direction from the sometimes-genius pop music Girls Aloud have written for them."

The digital age has revived the single in a way. You have released singles and an EP so far. Will there be a full length in the near future and do you stick to the double A-sided and EP formats? "We're currently recording our debut album at the moment, but we are holding it back so we can concentrate on getting our name out there to as many people as possible."

You collaborated with Pete Shelley (The Buzzcocks) for the new single 'Pole Dancer/Addicted to Lust', You even got him to sing backup vocals. How did you convince him that he should be part of it? "We played him our music, and asked him what he thought of it. He went away for a couple of weeks, and then woke up with one of our songs stuck in his head. So he got back in touch with us and said that he wanted to be involved in the next work we produced. It was fantastic working with him, and he taught us a lot about the art of song writing, and added something really special to the songs."

Do you have shortlist for future producers? Paul Weller maybe? Or Pete Doherty?
"We currently waiting to hear back from Cheryl Cole, as we're considering putting out a pop ballad with her…. But it's very likely that we'll continue working with Pete Shelley as he has said he'd be interested in producing our album."

You got rave reviews in the UK press so far. But almost nobody knows RedTrack in Europe. You will be on tour in Holland, playing three shows in what are basically bars with a small stage. How do you cope with that?
"We've heard great things about European crowds, and we're tour in Holland during the holidays so there will be loads of people out wanting to have a great time. If we can smash it in the UK, where our audiences can be more reserved, we will smash it in Holland.
Whether we're playing in a room to 50 people or a festival to 1000, we give it everything we've got."


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