March 16, 2009

National Beekeepers Society: Pawn Shop Etiquette

National Beekeepers Society: Pawn Shop Etiquette

National Beekeepers Society, four guys from Madison, Wisconsin, have released their second full length. Pawn Shop Etiquette picks up the pieces that were left behind by late eighties surf infused legends The Pixies. With jangly guitars and plenty of distortion, echo and feedback this album has College Radio written all over it.

They could be accused of being borderline plagiarists, but they steer clear by refraining from the lyrical weirdness of Black Francis. Plus they have brought two rare instruments in indie rock: the theremin and the melodica. The stingy songs of National Beekeepers Society stick in your ear like honey. Handle with care.

National Beekeepers Society:
Nikc Whetro: guitar, vocals, piano
Kris Hansen: bass, vocals, organ, theremin
Karl Christenson: guitar, vocals, organ, melodica
Brad Motl: percussion

Live dates:
  • 03/14 The Frequency (w/ The Shabelles, Blueblood and Juniper Tar), Madison
  • 04/08 The Frequency w/ Icarus Himself, Thunder Power, and Oedipus Tex, Madison
  • 05/07 High Noon Saloon (Dane 101 party), Madison
  • 06/16 PBS (30 minute music hour) Madison

Pawn Shop Etiquette is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. Look at Me
  2. Lazy
  3. Given In
  4. Sixty-Five
  5. Upon the Hills of Georgia
  6. Suburbanite
  7. Don't Go Takin'
  8. So Hardcore
  9. Orange is for Apathy
  10. Fall of Rome
  11. People's Temple
  12. Confidence
  13. Pawn Shop Etiquette


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