March 10, 2009

Ian Gillan: One Eye To Morocco

Ian Gillan
photo: Tommaso Mei

You don't have to proof anything if your name is Ian Gillan. He is one the greatest voices in rock and he might not be hitting the high notes anymore, but what he lost on range he makes up in depth and balance. He is a relaxed singer now, still writing songs about girls and wanderings. When Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover's mum died in 2008, Gillan found himself with some unexpected off-the-road free time and put in some phone calls to record a new solo album, his first since with new material since 1997.

Entitled One Eye to Morocco (from the Polish saying "One eye to Morocco and the other to the Caucasus", roughly translated as being affected with a wandering eye) Gillan co-wrote the bulk of the songs with guitarist Steve Morris about being (pleasantly) distracted. "It all started in Cracow, Poland, late December 2005. In a café in where Oscar Schindler had been active during dark times in the mid-20th century, I sat across the table from my friend Tommy Djiubinski who was telling me all about it. He was deep into this amazing story when a woman caught my eye as she walked behind Tommy. Quite naturally I followed her graceful movement; I was drawn by her magnetism. 'Sorry, what were you saying?' 'Ah, Ian you have one eye to Morocco.'" His other guitar player Michael Lee Jackson contributed three "classic" rock songs.

This is by no means the hard-hitting record that you'd might expect from the Deep Purple front man. No solos whatsoever and his DP band mates did not contribute a single note to Gillan's solo effort. One Eye to Morocco is a pleasant album by a man who is content with life and kindly invites you to follow him on this country road running off the DP highway. With songs like No Lotion For That and Always The Traveller Gillan is in touch with his inner philosopher. The band shows him respect and never drown him out. This is an album that should be in your CD-folder when you are embarking on a long road trip through the country-side.

Ian Gillan: One Eye To Morocco

One Eye To Morocco is released on earMusic, an imprint of Edel Records. Available on CD, 12" Gatefold LP, Limited Edition CD (bonus track Lonely Days and 7" single (signed) + CD).

  1. One Eye To Morocco
  2. No Lotion For That
  3. Don't Stop
  4. Change My Ways
  5. Girl Goes To Show
  6. Better Days
  7. Deal With It
  8. Ultimate Groove
  9. Sky Is Falling
  10. Texas State Of Mind
  11. It Would Be Nice
  12. Always The Traveller

Michael Lee Jackson: guitars
Rodney Appleby: bass
Howard Wilson: drums
Steve Morris: guitars
Joe Mennonna: saxophones
Lance Anderson: Hammond organ
Jesse O'Brien: keyboards


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