March 30, 2009

Honey Claws: Healer

Honey Claws has been paying attention. Their previous album suffered from vocal deficiencies, an issue they tackled successfully on the new EP Healer, thanks to the mixing skills of Bill Racine (Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips). The Austin band is exploring the funk mashed with electronics, moving away a bit from hip-hop. With a pinch of reggae thrown in for good measure they are one step closer to the major league of danceable indie bands.

Honey Claws: Healer

Healer is released on CD and as a digital release. Get it from iTunes or order the CD from the band's website.

  1. Lightning Kill Eye
  2. Pemporer
  3. Beat of the Wet Eve
  4. Orange Kitty Stamp
Live date:
  • 04/10 Vegas - Baixaria, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil


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