March 26, 2009

Dan Bull: Safe

Dan Bull is a 22 year old musician from Bromsgrove, England, who single-handedly created an indie hiphop concept album about a suicidal antagonist caught in the middle of nuclear war. That might sound overbearing and pretentious, but he has come up with a compelling story line that pulls the listener in. It's a a scary story, depicting what will happen to the human race when the big one is dropped. The details are quite gross.

Safe is an album that crosses the boundaries between indie britpop guitar and hiphop vocals. That's a big achievement that deserves worldwide airplay on adventurous radio stations.

Dan Bull: Safe

Safe is released on Freshnut Records. Available on CD, high quality MP3s, and as a free download (lesser quality MP3.)

  1. Prelude
  2. Summer
  3. My Catharsis
  4. Cut
  5. Blocked
  6. Misfit
  7. Thistopia
  8. After Life
  9. St. Ebbs
  10. Outbound
  11. Safe
  12. Winter


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