February 04, 2009

The Steepwater Band: Grace and Melody

The Steepwater Band
The Steepwater Band (l. to. r): Jeff Masey, Todd Bowers, Joe Winters

With the release of their new album Grace and Melody the members of The Steepwater Band have come full circle. Bass player Todd Bowers and drummer Joe Winters first met guitar player and vocalist Jeff Masey at a Black Crowes concert. The three hit it off and a power trio playing energetic blues rock was born. Fast forward to 2007 to a rock festival in Spain when they invited Marc Ford, former Crows guitarist to sit in with them for a rendition of Cortez The Killer. They stayed in touch and in 2008 they entered a studio in Long Beach with Ford acting as producer.

Grace and Melody is another chapter in the musical book of one of Chicago's hardest working bands (more than 100 live shows each year). Recording was done in only nine days, keeping a live feel for a the tracks and in one case just letting the tapes for an extended blues jam for the 13 minutes plus Waiting to Be Offended. Swagger reigns supreme in tracks like Healer and Roadblock. The George Harrison ca. White Album inspired guitar work on All the Way to Nowhere should get them some well-deserved airplay on radio stations that are not afraid to broadcast good ol' toe-tapping blues rock tunes.

The Steepwater Band: Grace and Melody

Grace and Melody is released on Diamond Day. Buy it through the band's website.

  1. At the Fall of the Day
  2. All the Way to Nowhere
  3. Lord Knows
  4. Healer
  5. Waiting to Be Offended
  6. Roadblock
  7. One Way Ride
  8. Fire Away
  9. Grace and Melody
  10. Varoomp!
  11. World Keeps Moving On
Live dates:
  • 02/05 Sala Stereo, Alicante, Spain
  • 02/06 Azkena, Bilbao, Spain
  • 02/07 Savoy Club, Gijon, Spain
  • 02/08 El Gran Cafe, Leon, Spain
  • 02/10 La Fab De Chocolate, Vigo, Spain
  • 02/11 Mardigras, A Coruna, Spain
  • 02/12 Sala Sol, Madrid, Spain
  • 02/13 Durango Club, Valencia, Spain
  • 02/14 Apolo 2, Barcelona, Spain
  • 02/15 Revel's Music Bar, Calella, Spain

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» myspace.com/thesteepwaterband

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