February 17, 2009

The Lovetones: Dimensions

The Lovetones
photo: ashtrayboy

Australian band The Lovetones are into melodic psychedelic rock and could well be the missing link between The Byrds and Crowded House. Founded in 2002 by Matthew Tow the band became good friends with USA band the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who they supported in 2003 on their first North American tour.

Dimensions is their fourth full-length, and it sounds like a ocean gently kissing the beach. With a mellotron taking care of most of the string parts there's a definite late sixties vibe to this album, but thankfully the band have sidestepped candy-colored lyricism. The band employed the services of a handful guest musicians with Robert Campanella (Mellotron) and Gabriel Cohen (flute) featuring as the most prominent players. Dimensions is a sonic gem that can serve as a blueprint for aspiring melodic bands without putting the fear of the musicals gods into them.

The Lovetones:
Matthew Tow: vocals, guitars
Matthew Sigley: bass, keys, vocals
Serge Luca: guitars
Chris Cobb: drums & percussion

The Lovetones: Dimensions

Dimensions is released in the USA on Planting Seeds Records. Release date: February 24. Pre-order through Darla Records. Aussies can get it at Undercover Music.

  1. Moonlit Suite (Her Room)
  2. Journeyman
  3. Two of a Kind
  4. Look at the Waves
  5. Memory Lane
  6. A New Low In Getting High
  7. Love and Redemption
  8. There Is No Sound
  9. Song To Humanity
  10. When It Comes
  11. Journeyman (Anton Newcombe Mix)

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