February 01, 2009

Shell Beach: Acronycal

Hungarian hardcore? Not exactly. Shell Beach are more rock than core. Gigging endlessly in ther home country plugging their Acronycal album they deserve credit for trying so hard, but something went terribly wrong when they entered a recording studio. It sounds flat, no dynamics and vocalist Zoli Totik is drowned out in a muddy musical swamp. A slap on the wrist for the guy who was in charge of the delimiters.

Shell Beach:
Dani Ivánfi: drums
Pali Somló: guitars
Viktor Sági: guitars
Zoli Totik: vocals
Mátyás Mohácsi: bass

  1. Morning Over Callisto
  2. Split Horizons
  3. The Manouver
  4. Stendhal Syndrome
  5. Sedona
  6. Are We OK
  7. The Visitor
  8. Contour Synergy
  9. Seasons For Your Grace
  10. Sirens
Live date:
  • 02/09 Trafó (w/ Violence In Venice), Budapest

» shellbeachband.com
» myspace.com/shellbeachband

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