January 31, 2009

Les Claypool: "Of Fungi And Foe" drops March 17

Les Claypool

Les Claypool wrote a song for game called Mushroom Men. It became the starting point for a new album called Of Fungi And Foe which will be released March 17 on Prawn Song Records.

Track listing:
  1. Mushroom Men
  2. Amanitas
  3. Red State Girl
  4. Booneville Stomp
  5. What Would Sir George Martin Do
  6. You Can’t Tell Errol Anything
  7. Bite Out Of Life *
  8. Kazoo
  9. Primed by 29
  10. Pretty Little Song
  11. Of Fungi And Foe
  12. Ol’ Rosco

* Featuring Eugene Hutz

The Oddity Faire, his latest tour extravaganza, kicks off March 4 in San Diego.

» lesclaypool.com
» myspace.com/thereallesclaypool

Photo: Jay Blakesberg

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