February 03, 2009

Science Faxtion: Living on Another Frequency

Science Faxtion: Living on Another Frequency

What can possibly go wrong when you got players like Boosty Collins and Buckethead and Greg Hamptons in charge of produciton (as well as playing guitar and doing the vocals? Quite a lot actually. Operating under the Science Faxtion banner their album Living on Another Frequency is like a broken down radio which is unable to receive a proper broadcast no matter how you keep twisting the dials. Hampton's Rolodex may have given him access to tons of guest appearance, most notably Chuck D. and Bernie Worrell, but that doesn't do much good either.

This a hugely flawed album depite having some rare stuff like a Boosty Collins vocal (Life-IS IN-Deliver). Buckethead is a good metal guitar player, but he is no Hendrix. His rather desperate attempt to sound like him (I See Rockets) is a real clunker. The best parts are where the musicians are just jamming (Take You Down, Lookin' for Eden) with Hampton not letting his production values get in the way. Completists only.

Science Faxtion:
Bootsy Collins: bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals, programming, production, engineering
Greg Hampton: vocals, guitars, production
Buckethead: guitars
Bryan "Brain" Mantia: drums, programming
Tobe "Tobotius" Donohue: turntables, programming

Living on Another Frequency is released on Mascot Records.

  1. Sci-Fax Theme
  2. Lookin' for Eden
  3. At Any Cost
  4. Chaos in Motion
  5. Famous
  6. L.O.A.F.
  7. Gone Tomorrow
  8. Life-IS IN-Deliver
  9. Take You Down
  10. What It Is
  11. Fatally Flawed Flesh
  12. I See Rockets

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