February 14, 2009

Mild Winter: Postcards and Letters

Mild Winter
photo: Kara Schlabach

Minimal country tinged folk housed in a hand screened cover. Mild Winter has put together a collection of 10 songs on their second full length entitled Postcards and Letters. The trio from Harrisonburg, VA, consists of the couple Ben and Melanie Schlabach, who share vocal duties, and Nick Combs as the one man rhythm section.

Postcards and Letters is a concept album of sorts - the lyrics of the songs ar printed on the back of 10 full-colour postcards that come with the album, showing photos shot in the Baltic States, Poland and the USA. The croaky lead vocals of Mr. Schlabach are mellowed down a bit by the professional trained pipes of Mrs. Schlabach. It's never smooth but it fits with the sparse instrumentation. This is a homemade album in every sense of the word. The first run of the CD is limited to 100 copies, making it an instant collectors item for Americanaphiles. Vinyl junkies can get their fill by ordering the randomly coloured 12" (including a a digital download card).

Mild Winter:
Melanie Schlabach: guitar, mandolin, violin and vocals
Ben Schlabach: guitar, mandolin, banjo and vocals
Nick Combs: drums, bass, banjo, keyboards

Mild Winter: Postcards and Letters

Postcards and Letters is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Cold Outside
  2. Knights
  3. Prophet of Nothing
  4. August Storm
  5. When You're Gone
  6. Back to Bethlehem
  7. Postcards and Letters
  8. Stashed Lies
  9. In the Eyes of
  10. One More Night
Live dates:
  • 02/20 Twisted Branch - Charlottesville, VA (w/ National Feather)
  • 03/17 Adona Music - Harrisonburg, VA (w/ Who Moves Everything, The Exotic Aquatic)
  • 03/27 Market Street Pub - Roanoke, VA (w/ The Wading Girl, Audrey Ryan)
  • 04/18 Victory's Crossing Church - Manassas, VA

» mildwinter.com
» myspace.com/mildwinter

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