January 17, 2009

The Vendetta vs. Danny Diablo: When Worlds Collide

The Vendetta Vs. Danny Diablo: When Worlds Collide

The Vendetta are a bunch of angry Italians who like to mix up genres, but who are a hardcore outfit with a few metal and punk cravings. In other words: they are loud.

Their new album is a joint effort with American rapper Danny Diablo from Jackson Heights, and is bursting at the seems with guests that are great unknowns outside the inner circle of hardcore and rap. They named it When Worlds Collide, but instead of a big bang the album suffers from the guests who are after one thing: to be heard no matter what. They should have been brought in a "don't-fuck-with-me" producer reigning in the wild kids in order to make an album that really screams instead of the inane yelling that rules supreme. Feeling prejudiced about Italians for doing things their own way? It's true this time.

When Worlds Collide is released on Slip Trick Records.

  1. We'll Never Fall (feat. Danny Diablo, Vinnie D.)
  2. Never Satisfied (feat. Danny Diablo, Ceekay, Mike Lagerblad (One Man Army & The Undead Quartet)
  3. NWO (feat. Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Danny Diablo)
  4. Skit Puerto Rican Myke
  5. 2 in your fitted (feat. Danny Diablo, Touch DMS, Puerto Rican Myke)
  6. Mechanix RMX (feat. Necro, Skinhead Rob, Prince Metropolitan, Danny Diablo, DJ Stress)
  7. Snow White (feat. Danny Diablo, Skam Dust, Ceekay)
  8. Storm Clouds (feat. Danny Diablo, Vinnie D)
  9. Ready 4 War RMX (feat. Underground Professionalz)
  10. Skit Lord Ezec
  11. Never Satisfied (Hitfarmers Remix)
  12. Bonus track: Looking down the barrel of a gun (Orig. by Beastie Boys) RMX feat. Mike Lagerblad (One Man Army & The Undead Quartet)
Live dates:
  • 01/03 TBA - Praha, Czech Rep., Praha
  • 01/31 Blackpoint Disco, Germany, Landshut
  • 02/04 Poppodium Alkmaar, The Netherlands, Alkmaar
  • 02/06 T5, Germany, Duisburg
  • 02/07 Bruekenkopf, Germany, Torgau
  • 02/09 Vastavirta Klubi, Finland, Tampere
  • 02/01 Kuudes Linja, Finland, Helsinki
  • 02/11 Rentukka, Finland, Jyväskylä
  • 02/18 Stolarnia Pub, Poland, Bielsko Biala
  • 02/21 Pulse of the East night @ Aro Club, Poland, Sokolka
  • 02/22 Variete, Poland, Zdunska Wola
  • 02/25 Subway To Peter, Germany, Chemnitz
  • 02/26 Wild at heart, Germany, Berlin
  • 02/27 Klub Ucho, Poland, Gdynia
  • 02/28 TBA, Polond, Torun
  • 03/01 Klub Miesna, Poland, Poznan
  • 03/22 SOHC night, Poland, Warszawa

» the-vendetta.com
» myspace.com/thevendetta

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