January 25, 2009

The Story Of: Until The Autumn

The Story Of from Austin, TX is a band that needs a ruthless editor. They can spin a tune, write some words, but the two of them seldom come together as a meaningful unit. Until The Autumn was recorded in a cosy a cabin together on the Colorado river. For the next one they better drive into town and look for signs that say ""sound engineering" and "mastering facilities".

As it stands The Story Of is a struggling indie shoegaze band with only two songs - Berkeley and Veteran's day they should have released as a good old fashioned 7".

The Story Of: Until The Autumn

Until The Autumn is released on Leroy Godspeed Records. Release date: March 3.

  1. Berkeley
  2. Hawk Gospel
  3. The Flock
  4. Lights on the Landing
  5. Veteran's Day
  6. Sparrow
  7. Anniversary
  8. How It Is
  9. Dodge City
  10. Centralia

» thestoryof.net
» myspace.com/thestoryof

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